Monday, March 22, 2010

2010 Challenge.

I have decided to start this blog due to the challenge of getting my boat ready, launched & moored for the season.

To back track, I thought that I would be readying a newer Catalina 25 or 250 this season. At least that was the plan however, the economic down turn has put an end to that.

I am sure I am not the only sailor/boater in this situation and thought that by launching this blog I would get ideas from others.

Again and due to the economy, we have scaled back everything for the past six months but made a decision that sailing would be what we would try to save.

We are lucky that we have a good boat, she is a 1983 that was very well kept and upgraded through the years. She will need some maintenance items this season and a new forestay, the rest of the rigging will hold for another two seasons.

We will hopefully get her in on or around July first, this saves quite a bit of money. For the past few seasons, try as we may, we have never gotten her in before the Fourth of July.

Today I started making up the budget for materials, I had thought I could get away with NOT painting the bottom this season. No luck. The bottom paint on line was $99.00 so there is another $100.00 to come up with!

You will notice from the picture, she is on a trailer. The trailer is in good shape and is solid although in need of some scraping & paint. Unfortunately, I do not have a tow vehicle at this time, so trailer sailoring is out. Oh yea, the tow vehicle, I do have one but that is another project sitting in the barn with the engine apart and waiting for rebuild.

Going forward I will post on the project and parts needed as well as any progress.

Your comments are appreciated.

Welcome aboard.